Kool Keith says “Tim Dog is alive.” According to Keith’s latest release with Tim Dog, reports of Tim’s death have been “falsified,” which is also the title of the track.  

“Thank the Lord you’re alive,” Keith says on “Falsified.” “People selling your music. They falsified.”

Later on the track, Keith continues to celebrate Tim Dog’s life and says major news outlets have tried contacting him about Tim’s alleged death. 

“Tim Dog is alive. A cornball made the rumor. The press said he died,” he says on the song. “ABC News calls. CBS News calls me. NBC News calls me. Magazines all call me. It’s falsified.” 

In an exclusive statement to HipHopDX, Kool Keith also shared what the recording experience was like.

“It was a fun record to do,” he noted this morning (June 26). “Tim still got it. Good showmanship in the booth. He bought everybody in the studio chocolate milkshakes.” He added that additional tracks are likely coming, also produced by Tommy Tee.

It was reported that Tim Dog passed away as a result of a diabetic seizure earlier this year. Tim Dog would have been 46 at the time of this alleged death. A funeral was held by his family in New York. However, Kool Keith did not believe Tim Dog was dead soon after the news broke, telling HipHopDX that he thought it was a “stunt.” 

“I’m just doing my condolences, but I still can’t believe,” Keith shared. “I’m still thinking this is a stunt, ’cause Tim was usually good with stunts. But like you said, it’s real, and I understand his health conditions and stuff like that.”

The latest track was released today (June 26) with Keith saying that it was, in fact, “falsified” and, as noted above, that “Tim Dog is alive.” 

Keith is not the first person to say that Tim Dog is alive. Some have questioned whether he faked his death as a result of a grand larceny investigation. One of his alleged victims, Esther Pilgrim, says she investigated his death and found no records indicating that he was dead. In a report by VICE’s Noisey, Pilgrim said, “In the eyes of the law, until he is proven dead, they have to treat him as if he is alive. And he is in contempt of court because he has not been making his monthly payments.” 

Prosecutor Steven Jubera helped Pilgrim obtain a warrant for Tim Dog’s arrest. “I need proof,” Jubera said. “I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive…Nobody said where he died, nobody said where he was buried, which is very odd for an obituary.” 

Additional Reporting By Jake Paine

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