Tim Dog, born Timothy Blair, entered a guilty plea to grand larceny in northern Mississippi after defrauding a woman named Esther Pilgrim out of thousands of dollars.

According to the Washington Post, the former 1990s rapper entered his plea last month after causing Pilgrim to amass $32,000 in credit card debt. Stipulations of his plea agreement include five years of probation and restitution payments of $19,000 to Pilgrim within the probation period.

The two originally met on an online dating site and began a long-distance relationship. The rapper said he was trying to rebuild his career and needed investors for his comeback album.

(September 15, 2011)

UPDATE: The Tim Dog larceny case will reportedly be featured on tonight’s (June 8) Dateline NBC, according to NBC Memphis, Tennessee affiliate WMC-TV. The former member of Ultramagnetic MCs member’s accuser comes forward, sharing her side of the scam. While Tim Dog does not appear to be featured in the segment, Dateline has revealed a clip from the show, available at EgoTripLand.com.

(June 8)

UPDATE #2: A spokesperson for NBC told HipHopDX that the Dateline NBC segment will run this week, on June 15.

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