RiFF RaFF says he forgives Ebro after a heated interview at Hot 97 late last month. Before doing so, RiFF compares Ebro, the station’s program director, to “dog shit” and says that he “ruined” the interview. 

“Hot 97 is the biggest Hip Hop or Rap station in damn America. That’s how I’ve always seen it,” RiFF told VladTV, before describing the situation with Ebro at last month’s interview. “Out of nowhere, here comes this weird ass dude with a beard and a hoodie on, walking and sitting down by me. I’m like, ‘Is he supposed to even be a part of this? This about to be a legendary-ass interview. You sure you want somebody with a fucked-up-ass vibe in here while RiFF RaFF about to interview and give a classic-ass interview? You want this bullshit here?’ He sitting down askin’ all these random-ass questions, back-to-back-same questions, ruined the whole fuckin’ interview.” 

Later in the conversation, RiFF compared himself to “a banana berry smoothie” and Ebro to “dog shit,” making the unfavorable analogy before saying he forgives the program director. 

“It was my time to talk and he came in there and ruined the whole vibe of the whole place. That’s basically what happened. It’s like if you have a banana berry smoothie and then you throw some dog shit in there, it doesn’t matter how good the banana berry smoothie is, RiFF RaFF, that dog shit, Ebro, is gonna fuck some shit up. So, I think it just had a shit-taste in the end. But at the end of the day, we’re gonna have singles pushin’ through Hot 97 so, Ebro, I forgive him. I forgive you, bro. He’s alright.”

On his end, Diplo explained that Ebro did not come “out of nowhere” but that “he was just trying to get a rise out of RiFF RaFF, which doesn’t really make any sense.” He also added that it was “productive” and that it allowed new fans to learn about RiFF. 

The original interview from Hot 97 can be viewed below, followed by the more recent response from RiFF and Diplo. 

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