During a brief interview, Action Bronson refused to say the n-word. Speaking with The Combat Jack Show, Bronson was asked to share what N.W.A. album he listened to when he got in trouble and Bronson refused to say the title, Niggaz4life. He then explained how his Muslim upbringing has influenced his life and how much he’s changed as an adult. 

When asked to share what N.W.A. album got him in trouble, Bronson smiled.  

“You know I can’t say that,” he shared. “You know I can’t say that. N-Words4Life.”

When The Combat Jack Show co-host Dallas Penn added, “Action, you can say that,” Bronson responded by sticking to his guns. 

“I can’t. I’m not gonna say it,” he remarked. He then jokingly added, “Damn you, America!”

The reason the album was so important for Bronson was because it got him in trouble with his father. A neighbor told his father that a young Bronson was walking around the neighborhood playing the album with a one-speaker boom box. 

“I got slapped up because the neighbor told on me, told my father, that I was walking around playing crazy shit. He threw all my tapes out the window and my mother got them back for me the next day.”

That shows a difference between his mother and father, a difference he expanded on.

“She’s a hippy. She loved me more than anyone. She’s gonna always take her son’s side, no matter what. That’s a ride-or-die-bitch right there. I love her. That’s my mother right there,” he added. “I love that woman.”

“My father’s a heavy duty Muslim,” he noted, before explaining that they never ate any pork growing up and that he was raised with Muslim customs and values. However, Bronson doesn’t continue to follow all of these customs, adding that “anything that has to do with pig, I’m eating.” 

More from this interview can be viewed below. 

Niggaz4Life was released May 1991 under Ruthless/Priority. It was the group’s final release and it followed Ice Cube’s departure from the crew. Two years ago, The D.O.C. spoke with HipHopDX about the album, saying that without him, the album would not have been released.

“[Eazy-E] was fuckin’ niggas early in the game. [Ice] Cube saw that shit very early, and boned the fuck out. … If I wasn’t up there [at Ruthless] what the fuck would they have done? You wouldn’t have a muthafuckin’ Niggaz4Life record. Who was gonna write it? And Eazy still fucked me on that record! But I’m a 19-year-old, 20-year-old kid, I don’t know no fuckin’ better. I’m up there with [Dr. Dre]. And Dre knew better. And he coulda did better.”

Earlier this month, Bronson dropped his latest project, a collaborative album with Harry Fraud, Saab Stories

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