Earlier this year, Lil Wayne went on a tirade against the Miami Heat and now he’s clarifying the situation. In February, Weezy said he was banned by the Heat organization and that he had sex with Chris Bosh’s wife. Recently, Wayne was asked about this situation on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” 

“It’s not true, I didn’t get banned [by the Heat]. They did tell me I’m allowed back whenever I want,” he said. “I don’t think they want me there, so I won’t make it hard on either of us.”

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When asked about statements made regarding Chris Bosh’s wife, Weezy said he didn’t recall saying that he had sex with her.

“I said that?” he asked. “I was too turnt up that night.”

The interview can be seen below, courtesy of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” 

His original statement was profanity-laced. “Fuck all them niggas,” he originally said. “Fuck LeBron James. Fuck [Dwyane] Wayde. Fuck Chris Bosh, all them niggas. And, and, and, and I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife.” The initial feud began when he felt he was kicked out and banned from Heat games. He also felt he was not allowed to be a part of the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest. Video of his initial statements can be seen below.

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