After contributing to the Philadelphia Hip Hop scene for over a decade, Woodbury, New Jersey native Rich Quick is gearing up for the July 9 release of his latest EP, Sad Songz. The EP features Rich Quick resuming his work with duo production duo STREECE—comprised of producers Stress The White Boy and Chuck Treece. While for some, the title of the five-song offering may serve as a description of the EP, Rich begs to differ.

“Stress’s beats really inspired me, so the records don’t really come from a place of sadness but more of a place of complex emotion,” Rich offered via written statement. He added that the EP’s departure away from the traditional boom-bap production style he typically uses was simply a reflection of where he was at during the recording of the album.

Check the cover art and tracklist below.

Sad Songz

The EP’s tracklist is as follows:

1. Nice Guy
2. Cry
3. Lonely
4. Say You Love Me
5. Traveling Man

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