TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q didn’t have too much to share with fans about his upcoming album Oxymoron, but the Habits & Contradictions emcee did reveal that the album will be “the hottest shit ever” while speaking with This Is 50 personality Young Jack Thriller recently.

Despite being interviewed prior to his performance in Los Angeles this week, ScHoolboy Q also touched on the amount of love he’s received during shows in New York City and the inability to receive similar acceptance in his hometown.

“New York been my hot spot since I dropped Setbacks,” Q revealed. “New York been fucking with me for forever. I been embraced with New York. You know what I’m saying…I’m trying to get that L.A. love. I did two shows in L.A. Like ever. Booked anyway. You know how many shows I did last year, 2012, in New York? Eight. I did eight shows in New York.”

ScHoolboy Q also expressed his distaste for interviews when questioned about the one aspect of the music industry that he doesn’t care for.

“Interviews, I would rather do them with my fans,” said the rapper. “I hate people to ask me questions. Like, ‘How did you come up with ScHoolboy Q?’ Bitch, go to Wikipedia or any YouTube, Google, and you can find it out. You know what I’m saying? Go to any Website, you’ll figure it out cause they asked me that in 2010.”

More from ScHoolboy Q’s interview with This Is 50 can be found below.

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