South Sweden Hip Hop makes its way to the United States in the form of Create & Devastate’s latest release, Most Confident. They dropped their EP under Brooklyn, New York-based record label Coalmine Records. The brand new project features artist like Lootpack’s Wildchild, MED, and Mykill Miers.

Most Confident also has remixes from Swedish producers Freddie Cruger and Max I Million. Four different instrumentals are available on the record.

See the tracklist and stream below:

“Most Confident” (feat. Wildchild & MED)
“Most Confident” (Freddie Cruger Remix) (feat. Wildchild & MED)
“Click Clack Flow” (feat. Mykill Miers)
“Click Clack Flow” (Max I Million Remix) (feat. Mykill Miers)
“The Most Confident” (Instrumental)
“The Most Confident” (Freddie Cruger Remix) (Instrumental)
“Click Clack Flow” (Instrumental)
“Click Clack Flow” (Max I Million Remix) (Instrumental)

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