Earlier this week, MGK linked up with the Cleveland Cavaliers at the NBA Draft Lottery, where the team was granted the first overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Sitting next to the owner of the team, Dan Gilbert, MGK celebrated before and after the announcement was made.

At the event, MGK said that he has now surpassed former Cavs star LeBron James as a representative for Cleveland. 

“One bounced and one stayed,” MGK told Grantland. “It was an easy choice. Machine Gun Kelly is like the voice of Cleveland.”

Once it was announced that the Cavs had the first pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, MGK hugged Dan Gilbert in celebration. View the video of this celebration below, courtesy of the NBA

Gilbert’s son, Nick, who appears in the video as a rep for Cleveland, tweeted about this prior to the festivities. 

MGK’s relationship with the Cavaliers also goes beyond this. His songs “Cleveland” and “Invincible” are often played at Cavs games and he has been seen court side with Dan Gilbert in the past. MGK has also been involved with the team’s player introductions at home games. 

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