B.o.B takes a bleak look at modern American society on his new “Through My Head” single. The Georgia artist raps that they “got you working triple just to get eat some rice and chicken/Plus your credit to the limit just to drive a Honda Civic.” The song is likely culled from B.o.B.’s third album, the forthcoming Underground Luxury, according to HipHopNMore.

In the nearly six-minute video clip that accompanies the song, which appears to be the 2010 short film The Raven, the protagonist gets chased through a virtually desolate Los Angeles as he’s hunted by machine gun-equipped robots. The clip was written and directed by Ricardo de Montreuil and incorporates thematic elements from several recent films, including 2009’s Section 9. B.o.B does not appear in the video.

The video concludes with the note that, “Suspect is still at large. Chris Black. A.K.A. The Raven.”

B.o.B’s second album, Strange Clouds, was released in 2012.

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