Jamaica, Queens rapper 50 Cent continued to discuss music, business, relationships, and more in the third part of his hour-long interview with SXSW. In this latest installment, the emcee turned businessman talked album sales and music awards and pondered why the two don’t add up for him personally.

50 Cent even concluded his brief remarks on album sales and his “trophy case” with a comment in regards to fellow artist Kanye West and shared that he’d rather “get the check” and leave the trophies to the G.O.O.D. Music rapper.

“Within music culture for you to be connected to a company or corporation meant you wasn’t being an artist…That wasn’t even supposed to happen,” said 50 Cent while speaking on his Vitaminwater deal. “When you watch the awards shows you’ll notice cause my trophy case don’t match the sales. But hey, Kanye get the trophies. I’ll get the check.”

The G-Unit founder later touched on his close relationship with professional boxer Floyd Mayweather who he referred to as a brother.

“He’s like my brother. I don’t have relationships that I value friendships like that. So, we’ll flip flop whatever it is, but it is what it is,” Fifty explained. “At the end of the day he was going through a lot of confusion that [I] experienced. Floyd doesn’t like to be by himself. He takes care of people, he pays people to keep them around him…It’s not the first time I ran into someone who finds their happiness through their circle.”

During his interview series with SXSW, 50 Cent has gone on to discuss the inability to top past album sales, Nas being “one of the great storytellers within Hip Hop,” and more.

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