Tech N9ne recently unveiled two versions of the artwork and a June 25 release date for his upcoming project Something Else. While his single “Bitch” featuring T-Pain has already premiered, the Strange Music co-founder Tech N9ne recently told Mr.GetYourBuzzUp what fans can look forward to on his upcoming project, “[The title stems from] Something Else—other than what you are used to listening to from Tech N9ne. I’m talking about the way the songs are put together; the structure is not radio length. I don’t care man; four and five verses, my nigga. I’m like, ‘So?’”

Tech has collaborated with a significant amount of noteworthy artists like T-Pain, Hopsin, B.o.B., Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne. When asked about what artists will be featured on Something Else, the Kansas City, Missouri native elaborated on why some artists and collaborations cannot make the cut, “[In some cases], you got to send a nigga a song six months in advance. I write music on an impulse; I write it as I feel it. If I was just writing bullshit songs trying to make a hit, yeah, I could give you a song six months in advance. Nigga, I’m doing my album in a month’s time. I’m writing it, and it’s not slouchy. This is intricate music being written at the studio, recording it, going to write another one, really feeling the music for some months and then go in the studio for like a month and a half and do it. Everybody don’t work like that,” declared Tech N9ne “Some of the major artists you want me to work with probably won’t work with me because the way [Strange Music artists] work is like military.

Tech N9ne recently addressed a perceived disconnect with Black Hip Hop fans in a interview with HipHopDX. His EP with producer Ross Robinson, Therapy, is expected to drop this year, following Something Else.

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