Some thought that Kool Keith was done dropping music after Love & Danger hit stores in 2012 but the New York native has returned with Mr.Sche to bring his fans a new album entitled Magnetic Pimp Force Field. The album will have musical influences from New York and Memphis, making it a project that should have a unique sound.

Magnetic Pimp Force Field will feature artists like Metropolis Known, Pimpminista, Jozzy, Dolla Bill & Psycolistic and it will have production by Mr.Sche & DJ Junkaz. Kool Keith & Mr.Sche’s Magnetic Pimp Force Field will be available on May 27.

View Kool Keith & Mr.Sche’s Magnetic Pimp Force Field tracklist and album sampler stream, courtesy of of Ascetic Music Records and Junkadelic Music below. 


1. Thunder Cats feat. Jet Packs [Produced by Mr. Sche]

2. Ride & Mug [Produced by Mr. Sche]

3. Ewokie Galaxy Swag [Produced by Mr. Sche]

4. Jedi Supreme [Produced by Mr. Sche]

5. Skreet Smart feat. Dolla Bill & Psycolistic [Produced by Mr. Sche]

6.Natural High feat. Dj Junkaz Lou [Produced by Mr. Sche]

7.Hard Drugs [Produced by Mr. Sche]

8. I’m Insane [Produced by Mr. Sche]

9. Death Star Pimp [Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou]

10.Plottin’ feat. Jozzy [Produced by Mr. Sche]

11. Watch The Throne [Produced by Mr. Sche]

12. Padawan feat. Pimpminista [Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou]

13.Lord Of Thongs [Produced by Mr. Sche]

14.Woman feat. Metropolis [Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou]

15.Dark Vador Light Sabor [Produced by Mr. Sche]

16. Magnetic Pimp Force Field [Produced by Mr. Sche]

17.Flipside Shaggy Mack [Produced by Mr. Sche]

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