The XX Project is a group of women who are leaders in various industries. The collective of female leaders produce events that help and encourage our future women leaders. Once a month The XX Project host their Salon Sessions dinner series, an event that honors a particular guest and gives them a platform to share their experiences.  Award winning Rapper/Actress Eve will be speaking at Salon Sessions on April 30 at No.8 (357 W.16th Street in New York City) at 7pm. Eve’s industry success combined with her efforts to defy genre stereotypes made her an ideal speaker for Salon Sessions.

Through an exclusive interview, Soledad O’Brien will explore Eve’s professional and personal journey as well as her ability to maintain success. They will talk about Eve’s career and the creative process behind her upcoming album Lip Lock. O’Brien is an American broadcast journalist that has worked with CNN. She is also the author of Latino In America and is currently the CEO of Star Fish Media Group.

Eve’s fourth album Lip Lock is scheduled for release on May 14. The LP is slated to feature Snoop Dogg, Pusha T, Juicy J, and Chrisette Michele, and will also include production from Claude Kelly, Swizz Beatz and more. The Tracklist and Cover Art were recently revealed this month.

The music video for the first single off Lip Lock, “She Bad Bad” is online now.

For more information on Eve speaking at Salon Sessions Presented by The XX Project and Soledad O’Brien visit their website.

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