Onetime Houston, Texas Hip Hop star Lil’ Flip is currently a wanted man. The Screwed-Up Click and Clover Gang member, a former Columbia Records platinum act, is currently the target of an arrest warrant, according to TMZ. Flip reportedly missed a court date yesterday (April 18) in De Soto Parish, Louisiana, for his nearby December 25 arrest.

On Christmas of last year, Flip’s vehicle was stopped and subsequently searched. Police allege they found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle and marijuana. It was said to be Flip’s third drug offense at the time.

By December 30, Lil’ Flip, released on bond, took to Twitter to stress his innocence and call out his arresting officer by name. He stressed that he had a permit for the firearm, and that the drugs in question were really just Black & Mild cigars.

TMZ reports that a source close to Flip believes the rapper was unaware of the court hearing. Flip last released Ahead Of My Time in 2010.

(April 19)

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Lil Flip and his legal team appealed to a judge for missing the April court date. The defense cited a busy work schedule, and the bench reportedly obliged. Flip is temporarily off the hook, awaiting a July court date.

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