The Notorious B.I.G. rapped a great deal about his childhood, most notably on hits like 1994’s “Juicy” and the posthumously-released “Sky’s The Limit.” Now, the public is able to own a piece of Biggie Smalls history. The late rapper’s Clinton Hills, Brooklyn apartment 3L on 226 St. James Place is on the market. The area was formerly known as Bedford-Stuyvesant, as New York magazine reports.

Reportedly inhabitated by an older couple at present, the $725,000 asking price is up $300,000 from the published sale figures nine years ago.

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“The tour buses that come by regularly are enough,” listing agent Judith Leif told The Daily Intelligencer. “I don’t really know yet what impact, if any, [The Notorious B.I.G’s connection] will have on the sale. I think it’ll be notable, but I don’t know if novelty translates to a purchase.”

The property remains on the market.

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