In late 2012 and early 2013, French Montana and 50 Cent were engaged in what certainly appeared to be a beef. After French claimed that 50 Cent’s career was stifled by beef during a Complex interview, 50 responded sharply on Twitter, having read the piece.

In the following five months, the two have spoken against each other sporadically, and most often on Twitter. The exchanges caused French to even claim that the dispute had caused him hardships in his career, and he asked 50 to “let him eat” in January of this year.

That appears to have happened, according to a new interview from Shade 45 radio, published at Hip Hop Blog. “Everything’s straight,” Montana said recently. “We been making music,” revealed the Bad Boy artist, who was believed to be referring to a collaboration. “It’s good for Hip Hop.”

Further pressed about Fif’s ongoing feud with French’s frequent collaborator, Maybach Music Group backer and friend Rick Ross, the Coke Boys rapper said, “At the end of the day, [Rick] Ross my brother. So I’m not going to play both sides of the fence, but you know where I stand at. We ain’t have no problem, we ain’t got no real beef, but you know where I stand at.”

French Montana’s major label debut, Excuse My French, is presently planned for May 21 release on Bad Boy/Maybach Music Group/Interscope Records.

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