Released in December of 2007, 8 Diagrams was the last official Wu-Tang Clan album. While Staten Island, New York emcee veteran Ghostface Killah appeared of our of the album’s 16 songs, the Theodore Unit founder admitted that he was not a fan of the product.

In a new interview with XXL magazine, Ghost stressed that the SRC Records release was sub-par. “8 Diagrams, I couldn’t stand it ‘cause I know us, and then I know my man [RZA] even more,” said the G.F.K. “I’m like, ‘Yo, how could you give our fucking people that?’ Now you had people that said, ‘Oh no, I liked it.’ That might be the ‘yes men’ niggas. You know what I mean? Or it’s a miss or something ‘cause I know how we can be. These motherfuckers wanted the skits. They wanted to feel like they at home with us. They wanna feel like, ‘Y’all didn’t hear this in a long time. What y’all got now?’”

The album debuted at #25 on the Top 200 upon release. It was the nine-person (including the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard) collective’s first album since 2001’s Iron Flag.

In the XXL piece, Ghostface explains what he hopes to hear, should Wu-Tang Clan complete their sixth album, which is said to be underway. Ghostface Killah’s 10th solo album, Twelve Reasons To Die is releasing April 16 on RZA’s Soul Temple Records. The Wu-Tang Abbott is also executive producing.

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