Atlanta, Georgia emcee Killer Mike is readying another round of what he calls “motivation music.” In a recent interview, Mike announced that he will be releasing I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind IV, the latest installment in his Pledge series.   

“[I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind IV] is gonna be what Pledge is – motivation music,” he told XXL. “Anybody who’s listened to Pledge knows that. I’m motivated to lose a little weight, so hopefully I’ll be smaller when Pledge IV comes out.” 

“The Pledge series has always been about setting goals,” he continued. “It’s been about dope music, but they’ve become almost like research papers with thesis statements. When I started PL3DGE with ‘So Glorious’ – you know, ‘My story is so glorious/ Fat fly boy, young Notorious’ – it was just my whole description of what I had been through, and Pledge II started with this speech that people love…and Pledge I was about leaving Purple Ribbon and leaving a major label and becoming this new thing on my own, so Pledge has always been about defining who I am at that moment and where me and my supporters can go together…Pledge IV is gonna be more of that over bigger, deffer beats.”

Those deffer beats will come courtesy of Harry Fraud and El-P, who are confirmed to have beats on the album. 

Of course, El-P and Killer Mike are also preparing their next collaborative album, a follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed, R.A.P. Music.

“For R.A.P. Music II, me and El are gonna do shrooms, smoke weed and go back in a do it again,” he shared, also noting that he is working on his next solo album, The Elegant Elephant

“For The Elegant Elephant, that is my Moby Dick. I’m the captain of a ship on a fuckin’ boat chasing that whale. I’m supposed to evolve into whatever The Elegant Elephant is going to be, and I can’t honestly tell you the sound, except for it’s going to be musical and it’s going to be big and it’s gonna be soulful…[but] I’ll definitely have R.A.P. Music II and Pledge IV finished and ready for 2014.”

Killer Mike’s work on the Pledge series has garnered critical acclaim throughout the years. I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II won HipHopDX’s Album of the Year in 2008. R.A.P. Music has also garnered similar acclaim. Last year, it was a runner-up for Album of the Year and Mike obtained Verse of the Year honors for his work on “Reagan.”

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