Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill may have violated terms of his probation, according to his probation officer, Treas Underwood and Assistant District Attorney Noel A. DeSantis. In a hearing on Friday (March 16), Underwood and DeSantis explained that Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, cannot leave the state of Pennsylvania without providing a detailed agenda about his travel destinations. 

In a court dispute, Underwood reportedly explained that Mill often leaves without providing this information. He also often leaves without calling, according to Underwood. “The problem is that I don’t know,” Mill declared about his travel plans. “It changes every day.” Beyond this, Mill clarified that he is not in charge of his own travel itinerary and that his attorney has been asked to inform Underwood of the specifics of his travels. Underwood responded, “But you’re supposed to call me.”

Mill also shared that he has a fear of being in Philadelphia, adding that he prefers to travel for his own safety.

“My best thing is to stay traveling,” Meek disclosed in the two-hour hearing. “Every time I come back to Philadelphia, someone tries to shoot me or get me back in trouble.” His fear of being shot could possibly be related to a recent shooting incident involving Maybach Music Group’s boss, Rick Ross

Mill also feels he needs a new probation officer. The Maybach Music Group emcee explained that he and Underwood have a history, knowing one another since they were younger in North Philly. He also feels Underwood is creating problems in his life, saying Underwood has made him wait in public areas where fans and other probation officers ask for autographs and demo tape reviews, according to However, Judge Genece E. Brinkley did not grant a separation between Mill and Underwood. “That’s not going to happen,” the judge replied. “You folks are just going to have to work it out.” 

Mill is on a five year probation stint after a 2008 drug and gun conviction. He served eight months in prison and began this probation sentence in 2009. 

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