With a solid music career behind him, California crooner Miguel has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of artists including J. Cole, Elle Varner, and Salaami Remi. Despite his numerous accolades on the collaborative end, the singer still hasn’t had the opportunity to work with one artist in particular.

During an interview with Radio.com, Miguel shared that he’d love to be able to work with former The White Stripes vocalist Jack White.

“Jack White,” Miguel revealed when asked what artist he’d like to collaborate with. “Just because his range is like incredible and it would be extremely unexpected because when people say ‘best of both worlds’ they always think Hip Hop and R&B.”

The songster went on to refer to White as “the consummate artist” and explained that a collaboration between the duo would serve as a sort of musical juxtaposition.

“I just think that Jack White is kind of like the consummate artist, you know. An artist’s artist in that sense,” Miguel explained. “And I’m a huge fan. And I think it would make for a great juxtaposition musically and creatively.”

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