It’s not often that legendary Dallas rapper The D.O.C. opens up to the masses, but Playboy magazine was able to secure a rare and quite candid interview with The D.O.C. for the publication’s April 2013 issue.

During his chat with Playboy, the Hip Hop icon spoke on helping craft “We Want Eazy,” the Dr. Dre and MC Ren-assisted record that would later be featured on Eazy-E’s debut album Eazy-Duz-It.

“Dre takes me to the studio and I meet Eazy, and Ren, and Yella. And Dre puts on this drum beat and he says, ‘Can you write me something?’ You know, it took about 10-15 minutes and that song was ‘We Want Eazy.’ Ended up being the guys first single,” The D.O.C. revealed.

The D.O.C. also touched on the car crash that took his voice and the depression that soon followed.

“The whole West Coast movement changed direction the night I had that accident,” said The D.O.C. “Once that shit happened I was just out of there. I didn’t care about anything, but getting drunk. Getting high and trying to get away from that pain of not being able to do the one thing that I was good at.”

Not one to let his lyrical dreams dissipate, The D.O.C has taken his talents to his hometown of Dallas, Texas by helping talented up-and-comer’s find a little shine of their own.

“You can’t let go of the dream that easy man. They all say you got such a story. You got such a story to tell and [it’s] so powerful and it’s so positive,” the rapper explained. “And that’s where I’m at right now. Dallas, Fort Worth is where my heart is. I want to pluck the young, deserving people from this city and give them the benefit of those experiences and see if I can get some shine down here because they deserve it too.”

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