Last month, a video was released showing Joe Budden confronting Consequence over a radio interview.

The tension between two rappers, who are co-stars on the show “Love & Hip Hop,” came to a boiling point on Tuesday (March 12th) when Consequence apparently slapped Budden.

Cons took to Twitter to let fans know about the altercation:

However, according to Joe Budden, Cons didn’t tell the entire story, claiming that he wasn’t attacked head-on, even stating that Tahiry Jose hit Cons back, and that the whole altercation was captured on camera:

(March 12)

UPDATE: As Joe Budden indicated, there is indeed video footage of the altercation between he and Consequence following the Love & Hip-Hop reunion taping. A 35 second cell-phone camera video made by a witness was uploaded to featuring both rappers clearly engaged in a scuffle before being separated.

The video is posted below:

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