The ongoing feud between Consequence and G.O.O.D. Music has continued. In yet another interview, this time with VladTV, Cons is taking out his frustrations on Kanye West. Now, he also has a few words for Pusha T.

In the interview, Cons says he wrote for Kanye West, an allegation he has made several times in the past. He also aimed at Pusha T, who responded to his last interview mentioning him. 

“I would just think that Pusha T is busy waiting on a boat load of cocaine to be worried about what Confucius said,” Cons said. “It should be coming in about 3, right?”

The comment being referenced comes from a Pusha tweet implying that West helped Consequence with dental payments. 

The feud may continue but Consequence now has other headlines. The emcee is also starring on “Love & Hip Hop,” along with Joe Budden. Recently the two have been at odds after words were exchanged. A Hot 97 video was released, showing Budden confronting Consequence below.

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