Planet Asia’s Hip Hop career has spanned over 15 years and embodies a sort of lyricism unmatched by many on the West Coast. His career started in the mid-’90s, but his fanhood began over a decade before.

Recently, in his radio interview with Out Da Box, fans might be surprised to learn that Asia initially thought that Rap wasn’t for him.

“I wasn’t planning on being a rap dude or emcee or whatever,” Asia said. “I thought my other homies was going to be emcees… It was just a part of the lifestyle at the time and then around like ’89 or something like that, ’88/’89 I was attempting to write my little rhymes because rapping back then was just a fun thing. If you had a rap everyone would listen to you, it was just a fun thing.”

Planet Asia also talks about his most resent release with Gensu Dean, Abrasions and talks about his upcoming album with Alchemist, Killer Ben and Tristate in Durag Dynasty.

“Originally it was just me and Alchemist working on some music,” he said. “So I was like yo man, we should bring Tristate and Killer Ben through and we just recorded songs and the word ‘Durag Dynasty’ was just like a slang word that I was using… Alchemist said it was the worst or best name in Hip Hop/” 

The Cali Agents member also spoke on the ’90s Cali scene, a possible project with Madlib and says that Joey Bada$$ is his current favorite among the new crop of emcees.

Listen to the full audio interview below (via Out Da Box):

Planet Asia – Out Da Box Radio Interview by Out Da Box Radio on Mixcloud