Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ may only be 18-years-old and already he’s beginning to boast quite the resume. Earlier this week, it was announced that the teenage wordsmith would be filling in the role of creative director at urban lifestyle clothing company Ecko.

Joey Bada$$ shared the details of his new role, which he secured thanks to his manager, to Fuse and also offered a brief tour of the company’s clothing facility.

“It’s more of a thing with me just taking what I like to rock and just seeing what appeals to the youth right now and freakin’ it on some next creative, different shit,” Joey revealed in a video posted on

Although Joey Bada$$ has not had much contact with Ecko founder Marc “Ecko” Milecofsky, he explained that the interaction’s the two have had left him inspired and elevated.

“I don’t meet with Marc too often. We’ve talked briefly,” said Joey. “Marc is a very busy man. Marc is very focused. Whenever we have a talk it puts my mind on like a higher plateau. He inspires me a lot and I just do some next shit.”

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