Raekwon’s recent Lost Jewlry mixtape may have been a highly praised release, but according to the Wu-Tang spitter, the project was merely an appetizer leading up to the release of his new LP this summer. While chopping it up with HipHopSince1987.com, Raekwon revealed that his next LP titled F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art) will serve as a “lifestyle project” that the world can relate to.

“I got another project coming out, which is the LP cause Lost Jewlry was basically an appetizer mixtape. To really get everybody to just get ready for me,” Raekwon explained. “So we wanted to drop something that we know that will make the heads turn like ‘Yo, Rae got it together on this right here.’ So you know, the next project is called F.I.L.A. F-I-L-A, which the acronym is basically Fly International Luxurious Art. That’s my next project that’s coming out in June. That one is a lifestyle project. It’s gonna be hot. I just got to the level of finishing it up and I’m feeling real good about this.”

After sharing his thoughts on a possible Wu-Tang Clan biopic, the rapper again spoke on a possible Wu-Tang Clan reunion album and shared that everyone would have to be “comfortable” for such an album to be made.

“That right there is in the makings and it’s a lot of negotiations going on,” said Raekwon. “Process of really making everybody comfortable. We’re praying that that works. You know what I mean? That [it] works out in the greatest way. Everything has to be right. When you dealing with nine guys and you splitting the pot nine ways, it gotta make sense. Cause we got children now.”

Raekwon’s Lost Jewlry EP was released in January of this year and featured guest appearances from Maino, Freddie Gibbs, and more.

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