Earlier this month, it was reported that French Montana was the target of a shooting in Philadelphia. Now, French Montana is saying that he was not the target of the shooting but that it took place near his tour bus. He also added the media has made it more serious than it was. 

“It was a serious situation,” Montana recently told Angie Martinez of Hot 97. “We had a peaceful show. We was on the bus. I was listening to [Meek Mill’s] mixtape. He was listening to my album. Then, we go to the front of the bus. People are just running in.” 

He continued by adding that the shooting began. But he was adamant that it did not involve him.

“My bus don’t have no bullet holes on it. No nothing. You know how it be. If you’re with a friend that’s with a friend that’s with a friend that’s with his mother that’s with his cousin’s grandmother, if something happens, it’s French Montana,” he explained. “If they didn’t shoot at the bus, there was nothing to be worried about. I guess it wasn’t for me.” 

When asked about the reports, he said the media made things worse.

“The media! They can’t wait to say something negative, man. They’re relating Ross and me and all this,” he noted. “It wasn’t nothing like that. It ain’t even that serious.” 

Montana was referring to another shooting that took place where one of his associates, Rick Ross was targeted. 

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