Even though Freddie Gibbs has put his hometown of Gary, Indiana on the map in the world of Hip Hop, perhaps the city’s most famous native is the late Michael Jackson. Now, in a recent video from Pitchfork.TV’s “Frames,” Gangsta Gibbs recalls the time the King of Pop visited his birthplace.

Gibbs remembered seeing Michael Jackson return to his hometown for a speech at a local baseball stadium. He explained that amidst all the excitement of his visit, Jackson bought out an entire Kentucky Fried Chicken and passed out pieces of chicken to his fans in the parking of the stadium.

“I saw that nigga Mike one time in person. I didn’t believe he was coming here [to Gary, IN], but he did,” he recalled. “You would’ve thought Jesus came back. That was a real symbol of hope, just for that nigga to come back because he hasn’t been back for a while. Gary ain’t got enough money for Mike to sing a note on the mic. The nigga went to speak at this baseball stadium and shit, this big, stupid-ass baseball stadium that we got in Gary. I don’t know why the fuck we got that shit ’cause niggas don’t watch baseball. But this nigga Mike walked around Gary in his pajamas with a Cap’n Crunch suit on. His shit was laid, his perm was laid-out – he was good.”

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He continued, “That motherfucker Mike came through the motherfucking KFC, dog, and Mike bought all the motherfucking honey barbecue wings. All the God damn original. He went through the drive through, nigga, and all you saw was him in the limo and you saw the God damn shiny glove stick his hand out the window and was waving at niggas and shit. It took like an hour to get his motherfucking order, I swear this nigga was ordering the extra crispy, motherfucking original – all that shit. Niggas was honking the horn behind him and shit, they were like, ‘Damn, Mike, what the fuck?’…and then the niggas ran out of chicken. But that nigga bought all the chicken for the people, my nigga. When he pulled up to the baseball stadium, he started throwing all the chicken out the car and shit…Mike loved Kentucky Fried Chicken, I know that shit for a motherfucking fact. Finger-licking good, Mike.”

Recently, Gibbs parted ways with Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint at the end of 2012. He is also currently preparing the release of his of his studio debut The Neck Tie Party, as well as a collaborative LP with Madlib titled Cocaine Pinata.

Check out the full interview below.

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