Last week, on February 21, Oakland, California Rap hopeful Kenny Clutch (born Kenneth Cherry, Jr.) was murdered in a drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas strip. Two others—a taxi-driver Michael Bolden and passenger Sandra-Sutton Wasmund were killed in an ensuing car collision and explosion. A passenger in Clutch’s Maserati and four others have now been injured in the accident.

Authorities have now named their first suspect in 26 year-old Ammar Harris (a/k/a Ammar Asim Faruq Harris). According to CBS News, police found his black Range Rover at a nearby apartment complex following the shooting. After a SWAT search, he was not found on the premises. The car was witnessed both at an altercation at the Aria Hotel valet parking station, and moments later, alongside Kenny Clutch’s car during the shooting. Harris’ whereabouts are unknown, though Las Vegas Police Captain Chris Jones believes he is armed and dangerous.

Harris has multiple arrests in the past, for drug, pandering and weapons charges, among others. He has claimed residences in South Carolina and Georgia. Authorities in California, Arizona and Utah are reportedly cooperating in a search. Police photographs of Harris (pictured) show him with a tattoo of what appears to be an owl on his neck.

Following the last week’s tragic events, police investigation has revealed that Kenny Clutch had no criminal record at the time of his murder.

UPDATE: A story published yesterday (February 25) in The Las Vegas Review Journal and brought to the attention of HipHopDX indicates that not only did Kenny Clutch have an arrest record, he may have been working as a pimp at the time of his murder.

Clutch had a 2007 gun charge in California, which included reports of beating an ex-girlfriend and mother of one of Clutch’s children. Additionally, a signed 2011 affidavit by another girlfriend alleged that Clutch broke down a door, beat her, kicked her, and forcibly removed her from the couple’s apartment at the time. At the time of his death, Clutch’s girlfriend, Asmayit “May” Hagos, was wanted by bench warrant for violating probation. Hagos had been previously arrested for soliciting prostitution and grand larceny.

The LVRJ article also alleges that the prime suspect, Ammar Harris, was Clutch’s former “late-night running-mate,” making this murder related to a falling out between two pimps. The full report is at The Las Vegas Review Journal.

[February 26]

UPDATE #2: Reuters reports that Ammar Harris, Clutch’s former associate, was arrested after surrendering at an apartment in the North Hollywood section of Los Angeles. He was surrounded by both L.A. police and an FBI task force.

“Officers and detectives converged on that area, he was challenged to come out of that area and he did peacefully,” said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Ray Steiber. “He was taken into custody.”

Harris us currently being held without bail pending an extradition hearing scheduled for Monday morning. HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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