Following the release of Seattle rapper Macklemore’s television commercial for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game, the criticism of the rapper and the use of his song “Wings” in the commercial was swift with fans both complimenting and condemning Macklemore for the ad.

Some questioned the use of “Wings,” a song that tackles issues of consumerism, in the All-Star Game commercial and Macklemore recently fired back with a letter addressing both the commercial and TNT’s use of the song.

In the Seattle wordsmith’s letter, he first gave a brief breakdown of what “Wings” is about.

“The song ‘Wings’ is about the pursuit of identity through the means of consumerism,” Macklemore revealed. “The attempt is to dissect our infatuation and attachment to logos, labels, brands and the fleeting happiness that is intrinsically linked to the almighty power of the purchase. The subject I use in the song is shoes, but its aim is to paint a broader picture of being a consumer and tracing the lineage back to my first memory of retail infused desire.”

Macklemore’s explanation of the song was then followed by his thoughts on being labeled a “sellout” for taking part in the commercial.

“In my stripped down definition, selling out is compromising your artistic integrity for money/fame, “Macklemore explained. “In my heart I can tell you that my personal artistic integrity remained completely intact over the weekend.  TNT used our song. They’re still my words.”

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