Christopher Dorner made headlines last week after cops pursued him for reportedly murdering four people including two policeman. Long Beach, California native Crooked I has weighed in on the situation on C.O.B. Radio, stating that the public holds policemen to a high regard and forget that they are capable of making poor decisions.

“California has been totally infatuated with the whole Dorner situation I would say, or just glued in and tuned in,” he said. “Why do people have to be so motherfuckin’ human? You got these officers out here, you want to believe that they’re not human. But they are and they make a lot of mistakes. They do a lot of things that humans do. They’re not robots, I guess.

“My problem is, they do a lot of ugly shit, LAPD does,” he continued. “I think that’s the reason why it’s hard for people to feel so bad for what’s going on. People are sort of insensitive online. I see ‘Team Dorner,’ I see all kinds of shit out there. I think the reputation of the LAPD is to blame for some of that. They been hunting minorities out here in the city for years.”

The Slaughterhouse emcee said that he’s had great experiences with policemen but also negative interactions. He talked about how some cops hurt his family, recalling a situation that his brother had with them. “I’ve met some cool cops but I met some assholes. I met some people who cracked my brother’s skull and dumped him in the trash can.”

Crooked I is reportedly working on a solo LP. Eminem’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg recently said that Slaughterhouse will record another album after each member releases respective solo projects.

Watch the clip below.

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