New York rapper Azealia Banks is becoming increasingly known for her gripes with other artists and over the past few days the rapstress has found herself in the midst of yet another feud, this time with “Harlem Shake” producer Baauer.

In a recent interview, Baauer referred to Banks’ remix of “Harlem Shake” as being “so-so” and shortly after, Banks posted an alleged email from Baauer dating back to December in which the DJ praises the rapper for her remix of the record.

The email from Baauer, which was posted on Banks’ Instagram profile and Tumblr page, reads: “Hey Azealia! Thrilled to hear from you im a big fan of yours!! The vocals sound fantastic! I really love the flow on it in the second half especially. Im gonna strip down the beat to make more room for your vocals…”

The picture of the alleged email from Baauer also included this comment from Banks: “I don’t remember you saying the verse was so-so…”

Baauer has yet to respond to this latest addition in the feud between the duo and as of now it has not been confirmed if the email is in fact real.

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