The beef between Meek Mill and Cassidy rages on. Just a few weeks ago, the Maybach Music Group rapper said that he was finished with his war of words with his fellow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native, explaining that he would no longer address the situation because his foe was benefitting from it.

Now, he’s gone back on his word. During an appearance on Hot 107.9’s “The Q Deezy Show” (via NR), the Rick Ross protege ripped into a freestyle clearly aimed at Cassidy, reigniting his rhymes after several breaks.

“First off, […] your chick, homie, get a blood test / You a upset homie, where the love at? / When we talkin’ ’bout Philly, know I can run that / Same place I been on corners, you could never come back,” he raps. “When you was screaming ‘Come to my hotel,’ homie we was slinging work out the motel … / Let’s keep it trilla, you ain’t never make a dope sell / You ain’t never played that corner, made a […] sell.”

Meek, who will release his new mixtape Dreamchasers 3 before April, continued by slandering Cass and making light of his car crash that almost took his life. He did clarify that he would not battle him and that the beef was “over.”

“Couldn’t bet a hundred grand / This […] small town / This gon’ make your dog mad / This verse gon’ hit you harder than that car crash that you should’ve died in / Man that you survived it / Now I came to murder you and have you scuba diving / Swimming with the fishes.”

Echoing Wale and Gunplay‘s earlier statements on Rick Ross following his assassination attempt, Meek said that he’s doing fine since he wasn’t harmed. “Man, people get shot at every day, b. Seriously, people get shot at every day b,” he said. “Yeah, of course [he cool]. He ain’t get shot, he definitely cool.”

Meek recently dropped his debut album Dreams & Nightmares and is currently gearing up for the release of Dreamchasers 3, the third installment of his critically acclaimed series.

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