With the dust all but settled on his beef with Meek Mill, Philadelphia emcee Cassidy opens up about his upcoming EP with a local Christian pastor.

In a recent interview with the Christian Post, Cassidy discussed his forthcoming EP with Philadelphia-based Pastor Jomo K. Johnson. He explained that the project will focus on his relationship with Christianity and how his legal trials helped him develop a greater appreciation for religion.

“When I came from jail and recovered from the accident I definitely felt obligated to talk about my relationship with God because that’s the only way that I could make it through those situations that I was in,” he said. “That’s why I did the album B.A.R.S and did a lot of songs like ‘Done 4 Me’ and ‘Leanin’ on the Lord’ with Angie Stone…I just wanted to show people that you can come from the streets, you can be around a lot of different things but still have a relationship with God and be an artist and talk about it…I feel as though I can bring a lot more people that wouldn’t normally listen to gospel music or really be concerned with the lord to spread the word. I know that’s what the lord wants you to do. That’s pretty much the direction that I’m going in [with my EP with Pastor Jomo K. Johnson].”

He added, “Even if I only get one person to get in the church or get saved or develop their relationship with God, it was worth it and more important than anything else that music will bring to me. That’s the reason that I’m in the lane that I’m in and do what I do.”

Like Cassidy, Pastor Jomo K. Johnson made headlines for feuding with Meek Mill over the alleged sacrilegious message of his song “Amen.” Although the EP has yet to receive a release date, the proceeds from the project will be given to charity.

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