Despite having garnered critical acclaim and extensive fan support, it looks like one Philadelphia pastor is thrilled about Meek Mill’s success. On Philly’s Hot 107.9, the MMG rapper and Pastor Jomo K. Johnson got into a heated debate over Johnson’s proposed ban of Meek’s single “Amen,” off Dreamchasers 2.

Earlier this week, Johnson called for a boycott against Mill’s hit song, declaring it blasphemous for its repurposing of religious imagery in a celebratory anthem. Now, Meek took the pastor to task, saying that his public outcry against the song rings suspiciously of an attempt at publicity. He went on to say that Pastor Johnson religious rhetoric doesn’t speak to his experiences or music.

“From my understanding and my look at it, it’s looking like you’re trying to get famous or you need some attention because you could’ve came to me and you could’ve said anything you wanted to say and I might’ve helped you,” he said. “If you wanted me to send money for your church, I might’ve would’ve gave you that money, or I might’ve would’ve even remixed the song [to your liking]…you went about it and you went like you’re looking for attention and fame…I’m out here feeding my family, and for you to be out talking about you trying to ban me – I took 20-30 drug dealers off the streets, I’m out there passing them coats out to these kids, where was you at?”

He continued, “I don’t know if you’re losing your mind or you’re getting too deep into these books, but you’re losing your mind. I’m out here making my money for my family. I don’t believe in none of that stuff you’re talking about, so don’t even say it to me. I don’t even believe in God, so I don’t want to hear none of that…I’m talking about reality, what’s going on now…[you] not God, [you] can’t judge me…nobody ever heard of you until today; you’re trying to bring another Black man down to try and get some credibility.”

Check out the full 15 minute interview over at DDotOmen.

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