Meek Mill was present during the fight that broke out at New York City, New York’s W.i.P. nightclub, where he, Drake and Chris Brown were implicated in throwing bottles.

But during an interview with, he denies any of the artists’ involvement in hurling bottles across the club. “Chris and Drake, them two was there but its other people that be around that take shit to the next level,” he said. “Things just happen in the club. I seen girls in there throwing bottles, all types of shit. All types of people. I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle and I was there.”

As for throwing one himself, Meek denied lobbing a bottle through the venue. “Fuck no,” he said.

He also addressed suspicions that he was beefing with Brown, but said that they were cool. The Maybach Music Group member said that Brown tweeted about them being cool to show that there’s no problem in the wake of the fight. “What [Brown] tweeted was just that me and Meek Mill ain’t got no problem. … I talked to him immediately after that, on the phone afterwards, like immediately, like, ‘There’s nothing there, this-that-and-the-third,'” he continued. “Chris Brown be in clubs. … He be around situations like this. Things get out of hand that don’t mean it’s out of hand with me and him or whoever, not even him and Drake.”

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