With Super Bowl XLVII dominating headlines, Pete Rock stopped by ESPN to weigh-in on this Sunday’s highly anticipated game.

The legendary producer appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” earlier today to discuss the Super Bowl match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Although Pete is hoping that the Ravens win the Super Bowl, he believes that the Niners’ defense will pose serious a threat to the Ravens’ offensive line.

“My heart [is] with the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl, but then I start thinking about the 49ers defense, so that may give them problems in the [offensive] line in the front,” he said.

Pete Rock also discussed the recent controversy surrounding Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who was accused of using performance enhancing drugs this season. While Pete does commiserate with Lewis’ situation – especially after Lewis was implicated in a double homicide in 2000 – he believes the 17-year veteran should have addressed the allegations more fully.

“Poor Ray Lewis, man – why at the peak of greatness [do] these things have to surface?” he said. “I believe the world is his oyster, and he’s made it again to the Super Bowl for the second ring. I don’t believe that he should let any of the talk de-focus [him from] what he has to go out there and do…[I think the news will have a] negative [impact on his legacy], because I feel like he’s already been in something negative already. He has something over his head already…I agree that he should have handled this situation yesterday better. He could have come out and said something [more specific].”

The Soul Brother #1 isn’t the first Hip Hop icon to appear on “First Take.” Both Lil Wayne and Wale have appeared alongside hosts Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on the program.

Check out the full interview below, via HipHopWired.

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