After helping to introduce the world to some of today’s biggest hip-hop artist with the show “Yo! MTV Raps” and later with New York’s Power 105, one half of the duo Dr. Dre and Ed Lover gets the ax. Dr. Dre has been fired from his hit morning show on Power 105 alongside long time partner Ed Lover and Monie Love. Dr. Dre and Ed Lover returned to New York two years ago from LA to help launch Power 105 as a new station.

After his show last Thursday, Dre was told his contract would not be renewed. “We greatly appreciate Doctor Dre’s efforts over the past two years helping us launch Power 105. We wish him well,” Andrew Rosen a Clear Channel executive said. There is no word whether he will be replaced or go to another station. Besides being seen on the nationwide show “Yo! MTV raps” the duo also starred in their own hip-hop movie “Who’s the Man?” Over the years Dr. Dre and Ed Lover have helped the careers of such artists as Eminem and Snoop Dogg.