50 Cent stopped by NBC’s “The Today Show” earlier today to discuss his fitness book Formula 50, which provides readers with tips on how to get into shape. During the interview, he reflected on how he got interested in fitness in the first place, stating that his trip to rehab in 2000 after getting shot encouraged him to start working out.

“I was hurt pretty bad so I had to come back to go through rehab in a city in New York and I would travel, it was an hour from where I was staying,” he said. “From there, they’ll put you on special treadmills to walk because my legs were damaged pretty bad. And then I started to go to a local gym to walk on an actual treadmill. Just being in the environment, it made me want to be more involved in the other aspects of my physical health.”

He also addressed a few laws in the book, ending with “Learn to embrace chaos in the gym. Turn it to your advantage.” “The gym itself, there’s so much going on that you’ve got to be able to improvise sometimes,” he explained. “If you set a strict routine of things that you actually do and you come and someone else is there, you’ve got to learn how to move, how to make the adjustments.”

Watch the interview below.

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