A lot has been made of the painstaking and cinematic detail that Kendrick Lamar put into his acclaimed studio debut good kid, m.A.A.d city. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, K. Dot discusses the real-life centerpiece of his hit-album, Sherane.

Kendrick said that it’s been strange for him to see many of people he included in his studio debut now, but found out that girl on which he based Sherane is excited to have played such a big role in his music. Still, Kendrick did say that the model featured in the video of his song “Backseat Freestyle” is not the actual Sherane.

“It’s funny because it’s a weird thing when I go back to the neighborhood and the homeys know who I’m talking about,” he said. “It be a big joke, and I’ve been hearing things that she’s more excited and surprised that I put her in the song more than anything. That’s the funny part about it. It’s all love though. I ain’t got no ill will…that wasn’t the real Sherane [in the ‘Backseat Freestyle’ video]. But it was a great, great imaginary — clone of Sherane for sure.”

Check out the full interview below.

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