It’s been a long NFL season, and while many fans have little to celebrate at this point in the year, the same can’t be said of the Atlanta Falcons’ base. Now, in a recent interview with ESPN, Falcons fans and Outkast emcee Big Boi speaks on his favorite team’s winning season.

Big Boi discussed his home team’s play-off run and recent 30-28 victory over the Seattle Seahawks to clinch a spot in the NFC Championship. Like its football team, Big Boi said that Atlanta Hip Hop scene has been at the forefront of music as of late, even commending newcomer Trinidad James as one of its latest successes.

“There is no such thing as lose to me,” he said of the Falcons’ recent success. “I wasn’t going to be sad if they lost, though. Well, unless I bet a lot of money.”

Of the the A’s music scene, he added, “Atlanta has had the ball for a minute. It’s not going to move anytime soon. It’s still hot. You have artists here who reinvent themselves and a host of new ones such as Trinidad James coming up. It’s all about power in numbers. We jam together. We’re comrades. That’s how we keep our city on our back and push forward.”

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