Fans of noted Atlanta wordsmith Big Boi may be surprised to hear that if the rapper hadn’t taken the musical route with his career he may have instead pursued a profession in child psychology. Big Boi spoke on his alternate career choice and more while getting a little intimate with Fuse as part of their Intimate Interview series.

The Outkast emcee revealed that while he may not be a child psychologist he believes that music can at times be “a form of child psychology.”

“A child psychologist is what I was gonna go to school for. It’s easier to mold the young mind than it is to repair a broken one, but I figured doing music is a form of child psychology,” Big Boi explained to Fuse. “Cause kids listen to music and it’s teaching lessons.”

Big Boi shared another personal piece of information during the interview as he revealed that not spending enough time with his father is one of his biggest regrets in life.

“I guess my biggest regret would probably be not spending more time with my father before he passed,” said Big Boi. “I was just so busy on the road and it’s like when they’re gone, damn…My last album was titled after him. It was a form of I guess self-therapy for me. Son Of Chico Dusty is an ode to my father, definitely.”

The rapper’s most recent album, Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors, was released on December 11.

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