In the immediate hours following rapper and Internet personality, Freddy E.’s suicide on Saturday, January 5, fans took to various social media sites blaming fellow rapper Honey Cocaine. Prior to his untimely death, Freddy E. sent out a series of cryptic Twitter messages about being heartbroken, being called by God and putting a gun to his head.

“I reacted in a way that I shouldn’t have and wasn’t proud of,” Honey Cocaine told MTV’s Rob Markman in an exclusive report. She originally responded with some tweets of her own assuming Freddy E. was either perpetrating or the victim of a hoax. “Of course I deleted my tweets, of course. It shouldn’t be there. The guy is gone, and that’s my friend.”

Hours later, the Kings County, Washington Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Freddy E. was dead of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gun wound. Honey Cocaine tweeted screen shots of encouraging text messages she shared with Freddy E, but she was still inundated with tweets blaming her for Freddy’s suicide.

“I just want people to know that we were just friends, and we did everything for each other as friends,” Honey added. “I just feel like he couldn’t handle his problems anymore, and this is someone who had real, deep issues within him, and I didn’t know, I guess his friends didn’t know…I guess he made himself seem happy, but he was really just holding everything inside.”

People with suicidal thoughts, or those that know someone in danger of taking their own life are encouraged to take advantage of resources such as or