It’s no secret that Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has been known to incorporate the sounds of various regions into his music and during an interview with, Rocky spoke on bringing a New Orleans-inspired sound to “LongLiveA$AP,” his upcoming album’s debut track.

According to Rocky, when he was creating the beat for the title track to LongLiveA$AP the sound of the record brought him back to the days of No Limit and early Cash Money.

“When I was making the beat and everything, it had more of a New Orleans, Magnolia kind of feeling to it. It took me back to the No Limit/Cash Money kind of thing…I put myself into the existence of like a 22-year-old New Orleans, Magnolia kind of trapper or something like that. I feel like that’s where I can go with my music and stuff. Sometimes you can speak in third person and be another person.”

The A$AP Mob spitter went on to further address the third person approach on “LongLiveA$AP” and how it allowed him to speak directly to his generation.

“I’m basically talking to my generation,” he revealed. “I’m just being a product of my environment when I’m speaking in third person. It’s [not just] one person, it’s just me talking about my generation. That’s what we do, straight up. That’s just how it is.”

A$AP Rocky’s commercial debut, LongLiveA$AP, will be released on January 15 via RCA Records.

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