This should be a busy year for Biz Markie. He’s already completed half of his upcoming project and he’s working on a television show for children.

His next offering will feature covers “and real Rap records,” according to Biz. Covers will feature songs by the Steve Miller Band, Elton John and Joe Cocker. 

“I’m doing it now, doing the ground work, doing it slowly,” he shared in an interview with Billboard. “It’s going to be timeless. I’ve got a couple people (guesting) but they told me not to say their names. It’s gonna be lots of fun.”

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He also has plans for a television show for children, an area he has become accustomed to since his work with Yo Gabba Gabba.

“There’s a lot of interaction with the kids and me,” he explained of the show he’s now working on. “It’s like all the old school games we used to do in the hood. It’s gonna be crazy.”

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