TDE rapper Ab-Soul sparked a bit of excitement among Hip Hop heads at the top of December when he posted a picture of himself and fellow emcee Nas on his Instagram page. Rumors of a possible collaboration between the two artists were instantaneous and during an interview with HardKnock.TV, Ab-Soul explained how exactly the picture came about.

While Ab-Soul did reveal that the picture was merely thanks to him having a fan moment he seemed confident that both he and Nas will eventually cross paths again.

“That was just me sneaking backstage man. Sneaking a picture in with him. I don’t think he’s really heard of me in particular. That was just me being a fan,” the California rapper explained. “Just having an opportunity to snap a flick with him…I wanted to if I could just shake Nas’ hand and just give him my peace and that was enough for me. I’m sure we’ll definitely link up somewhere along the line.” 

Prior to speaking on his Nas flick, Soulo discussed double standards among men and women and his Control System record of the same name.

“That is the story of my generation. That’s just the story. It wasn’t particularly mine or particularly my homies,” said Ab-Soul. “It was really – that is the story, in a nutshell. I tried to narrow it down to that in particular. It’s cool for the guys to have a lot of girls, even more in a lot of cases through the eyes of the girls. It becomes a challenge to just be the only one type thing. To whereas the girls, if their track record is high it lowers their status in a lot of cases. But that was just a story that I find interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it exactly. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. If it’s necessary or whatever. It’s just a very interesting…paradox, if you will.”

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