During a recent session of Ask Me Anything with fans on Reddit, Slug of Atmosphere spoke on a variety of topics. Some of those topics included the status of a new Atmosphere record, a potential for future work with Murs on Felt projects and the importance of Frank Ocean’s “outward stance on gender roles” in Hip Hop. 

One of the most informative notes from the session came about when Slug announced that Atmosphere is currently working on a new project.

“Working on one right now,” he shared when asked about a new album from the group. “Literally. Took a break in my day to do this AMA.” 

When asked about a Felt tour with Murs for their collaborative projects, Slug was also asked if there was potential for a new album from the pair in their Felt series. His response was one that was vague but tinged with optimism for hopeful fans. 

“Felt is a spontaneous thing,” he explained. “Things happen or they don’t. I don’t have a real answer for that. But probably yes to both questions? Maybe?” 

As with many AMA sessions, Slug was asked about other topics also. One that came up was about Frank Ocean’s “outward stance on gender roles” within Hip Hop. Slug shared his take, saying that “it’s dope.” 

“We live in a culture of dotted lines. I think people will always box each other in or out with those lines. Sex, race, religion, etc. But with that said, I think it’s dope that people are taking the outward stance for many reasons. Mostly because it inspires others to be themselves as well.” 

More from the AMA session can be read via Reddit

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