Ever since the release of his universally acclaimed XXX mixtape, Danny Brown has been earning a slew of high-profile guest appearances over the past year. Now, in a recent interview with Fader, the Detroit rapper discusses his studio debut, titled ODB.

Although he kept tight-lipped about the album itself, Danny Brown confirmed that his first studio release has been completed. He explained that the album won’t be as consistently humorous as XXX, but said that people will be surprised with the outcome.

“The new album is done,” he revealed. “We’re pretty much just figuring out a way of presenting the right way to get released…the title of the album for now is ODB. I can’t really elaborate on what that means until the album comes out, and then they’ll get it. I don’t want to give too much because then it’ll be a much more rewarding listen for my fans.”

He continued, “It’s a rewarding listen when I listen to it. I don’t know if I laugh as much – I think I laugh when it’s over with, and that’s the difference between this album and XXX. With XXX, you laugh throughout it, and by the time it was over with, you were like, ‘Oh that wasn’t too funny.’ This one, when it’s over, you’re laughing hysterically…it’s not necessarily what’s being said on the album, but the album [itself], like, ‘I can’t believe he made this.'”

Check out the full interview below.

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