Perhaps one of the more controversial headlines of 2012 has been Chris Brown and Rihanna reuniting as a couple after Brown infamously assaulted the Roc Nation songstress in 2009. Now, in a recent interview with Howard Stern via the Los Angeles Leakers, Brown’s friend and frequent collaborator Game weighs in on the news.

Game said that Brown is like a younger brother to him, and he made sure to counsel the singer in the weeks following the incident. Now, however, Game says he feels that Chris Brown has grown as a person and is confident that such a scenario would never happen again.

“[Chris Brown] is like a little brother of mine,” he said. “I did the best that I could to counsel his through that, and I feel like he made it back okay. And you know, they’re back together, and what I thought of it, I just figured that they were young and that was just one of those Hollywood mishaps. I don’t think it’ll happen again…he has changed, but I’m not him, so I can’t speak for him.”

When asked how he would react if it was his daughter that Chris Brown hit, Game joked, “Eh, let’s not paint that picture…you’re trying to get me to [say that I’d] kill Chris Brown, man.”

Check out the full clip below.

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